The cuisine for me is inspired by gestures, spontaneity, earth and has always the taste to be the protagonist.


“Sea salad”

Courgettes, cuccuzze and cusòt

Linguine, butter, eel, wild fennel and lemon

Nero di Cavour on grill, wild spinaches and Venetian sauce

Apricots, milk and peanuts



DEER - Marinated, capers, hazelnuts and caviar

ROE DEER - Boiled, green coriander bagnetto and razor clams

FAWN - Cold pasta, pine nuts and mustard

PARTRIDGE - Croqui and bitter-sweet

BOARD - Rib, grain and black summer truffle

THE END - Almond and coffee


The Cellar

Apt to Become

On wine barrels destined to become Barolo DOCG, while the juice of Nebbiolo grapes patiently ages, jealously guarded in the secret of the cellar, an inscription leaps to the eye of the reader: “Apt to Become Barolo``. The wine resting in the wood is preparing to transform itself into something memorable: one of the most famous and appreciated red wines in the world, the king of wines. And so is Pasquale Làera's cuisine: constantly evolving.


One day at the Borgo

Experiment one day in our kitchen. Book your experience during which you will do a workshop with our chefs. You’ll live a real day by their side, accompanying them in the preparations. Write to info and find out the details. Become part of our family! You can finally find out what it means to live in the kitchens of the Borgo.

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