The Borgo

Orange, like the roots that nourish us and keep us well anchored to the ground. Green, like the hills of the Langhe, shaped by the centuries-old succession of generations of farmers. Yellow, like the mood of the project: light, easy, fun. Red, like the passion for one's work, of course, but also like the pulp of things, red like the flavor. Purple, like the peel of the grapes in the vines that surround the village, prelude to what will be one of the most valuable wines in the world, Barolo DOCG. Light blue, because it’s the color of quiet, to testify the atmosphere of peace and tranquility that you breathe here. Brown, to evoke the earth, but also to symbolize the history and the peasant culture, that are closely linked to this land. That’s the colors of Borgo Sant'Anna, seven circles - which recall the ring within which the small village is enclosed, in the territory of Monforte d'Alba - ideally arranged to form a cluster, because it’s impossible to think of the Langhe without the mind run to the extraordinary wines that this land is capable of offering. And on the barrels inside which the Nebbiolo patiently ages, jealously guarded in the secret of the cellar, an inscription leaps to the eye of the reader: “Apt to become Barolo``. The wine resting in the wood is preparing to transform itself into something memorable: one of the most famous and appreciated reds in the world, the king of wines. And so is Pasquale Laera's kitchen: constantly evolving.


Localita Sant'Anna 84 - 12065 Monforte d'Alba


+39 0173 195 0332


In 2019 the partnership that led to the birth of Borgo Sant’Anna in Monforte d’Alba, in the heart of the Langhe, starts from the collaboration between chef Pasquale Làera and maître Fabio Mirici Cappa. It’s the meeting between North and South, between the scents of the sea and the flavors of the Langhe, in a place that has always been a crossroads of contaminations which however never damage that proud sense of belonging to the land that is typical of the Langhe. Humility, stubbornness, sense of work: the world of cooking has much in common with that of those who work in the vineyard. The idea behind the project is to create a place capable of offering a pleasant atmosphere in which to eat well, rediscovering traditional dishes and gestures. In Borgo Sant'Anna, knowledge handed down and peasant flavors are revisited, mixing styles and ingredients to create something new, but familiar. It’s the rediscovery of the dishes of the past, pasta with semolina, macaron dël frèt, the scent of onion sauté, vegetables from the garden, anchovies and pasta dello scambio, eels and Piedmontese cod, cisrà and legumes, agresto, cooking in grandma's terracotta pots. Recipes reviewed in the light of the experiences lived by the chef on his journey around the world, in search of experience and human and professional growth that leads him to put on his dishes a sensational mix of tradition and avant-garde. The choice of the Langhe, and of Monforte d'Alba in particular, derives from the desire to compete with the challenge of exploring the potential of the territory that adopted Chef Làera, respecting its peculiarities and beauty, combining the best of the great Italian culinary tradition to the most varied stimuli from the whole world, without taking anything for granted.