Pasquale Laera

Apulian by birth, Piedmontese by adoption: Pasquale Làera has been passionate about cooking since he was a child, raised in a family of great lovers of the ``poor`` tradition, but of great taste. His studies led him to attend the Classical High School, where he learned the desire to experiment constantly, going in search of what is behind every appearance. Driven by an insatiable hunger for novelty, he therefore discovers the world of catering, being fascinated by it: hence the decision to change address, by enrolling in the Hotel Management High School. He begins to work in Gioia del Colle, his hometown, then around Italy, learning different methods of kitchen management, as well as the peculiar recipes of the various regions of the beautiful country. From Ottavio Surico, his first chef, he learns how much tenacity and determination are needed to face this profession. After completing his hotel studies, Làera enrolled in the International School of Italian Cuisine (Alma) of Gualtiero Marchesi. Here the crucial meeting for his career takes place, the one with Antonino Cannavacciuolo, of which he soon becomes sous-chef. For him he proves to be a true master, of cooking and beyond. Internships abroad also multiply, to enrich one's baggage: first in Japan, where he has the opportunity to work closely with Okamoto, then in Copenhagen, at Geranium, then again in Mexico, on a trip around the world to search for the best flavors. After the positive experience at Villa Crespi comes the one at the Boscareto Resort, as executive Chef of the restaurant sectors, including the La Rei restaurant: it’s here that in 2014 Pasquale Làera obtains his first Michelin Star.


Mine is an insatiable

hunger to discover

My philosophy


The roots of his cuisine lie in the land where he was born, Puglia, but the completeness of his culinary proposal arrives in that Piedmont which is now his home. Within the walls of Borgo Sant'Anna there’s the feeling that something important is happening: the simple ingredients, collected in the garden or purchased directly from the hands of the producers, become here part of a transformation process that will see them protagonists of some authentic culinary experiences. The chat with the village butcher, the gesture of the housewife in rolling out the tajarin, handed down from mother to daughter, the wisdom of the winemaker who scrutinizes the sky and knows how to read its time, the knowledge of the earth, its cycles and its products of the peasant: they are the acts and processes of a secular liturgy, as old as the Langhe, in which to tiptoe, asking for permission, to grasp its most authentic and hidden value, and then propose it on a plate that brings with it all the history of this territory. Crossed with what, in the world, is able to enhance the flavors and aromas of this cuisine. Which is, yes, ancient, but it’s not immutable. Like Nebbiolo for Barolo, this too is apt to become something bigger.


Cod, cucumber and pepper sauce

Parmigiana of eggplant

Spaghetti, grilled peppers, marinated anchovies and mint

Duck, medlar, hazelnuts and green beans

Apricots, white chocolate and elicrisio

€ 60


Trout, zucchini, vinegar and quail egg

Macaron del fret, goose and cardamom

Roe, beet and Barolo Chinato

Peaches and amaretto

€ 50

Raw amberjack, wild fennel, smoked burrata and see grass

€ 22

Cod, cucumber and pepper sauce

€ 19

Fried frogs, tomato, peaches and enkir

€ 22

Tonnè veal

€ 18

Parmigiana of eggplants

€ 18

Spaghetti, grilled peppers. Marianted anchovies and mint

€ 16

Ravioli of sheep, black truffle and Dolcetto

€ 18

Risotto, crayfish, black pork and herbs

€ 18

``Pasta and mussels``

€ 15

Fusilli, grilled onions, smoked tench and bitter herbs

€ 18

San Pietro in a grapevine crust and its side dishes (served for 2)

€ 95

Fish of the day, tenerumi, zucchini, capers and grape

€ 26

Squids, almonds and watermelon

€ 25

“Grilled pigeon “

€ 24

Duck, medlar, hazelnuts and green beans

€ 24

Grilled sweetbreads, green sweet peppers, onion salads and green sauce

€ 25

Fassona veal in a marrow crust and italian sauce

€ 28

Duck, toasted bread, cicory and sauce of tomato, mushrooms and herbs

€ 24

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